Peter Kirchner, owner of Golden Valley Brewery & Restaurant, on his farm in Oregon's Yamhill County.

Angus Springs Farm

In 2003, Peter & Celia Kircher purchased a 76-acre ranch outside of McMinnville. This ranch was part of the oldest cattle ranch in Yamhill County complete with a 100-year-old barn on the property. For nearly 20 years the Kirchers raised black Angus cattle that roamed the hills and were finished on spent brewery grain. The premium product was processed, dry aged for 21 days, and served in our restaurants. This program ended in 2024. We still run a small herd of cattle on the property and they continue to enjoy all the spent grain from the brewery.

We have always operated a large Organic Practice garden on the ranch where the majority of produce for the restaurants are sourced during the growing season. Each year we harvest upwards of 5,000 pounds of vegetables that Peter delivers daily to the restaurants. This is not a small commitment, but you can taste the difference in the fresh local food that’s served.